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Who we are?

Keponetworks Media Site is online media start-up based on Indonesia.

Our main headquarters are located in Purwokerto, a small beautiful city of Central Java District. The neighborhood is rough around the edges but supercharged with creativity. We have the best scenery of mount Slamet in our window, the most exquisite coffee in the city, and more art murals than we know what to do with.

Our Secondary headquarters are located in Purbalingga, still in the district of Central Java (soon maybe) we will have representative office on Jakarta.

What we do?

Our works are mostly websites, web-based apps, online media marketing & advertising campaigns, that’s our focus on this team. Our parent company are basicly an IT Consultant business for local customers that use our products and grow with us. The Keponetworks Media is an expansion effort to reach more audience globally. Right now we are maintaining and building sites like this one, and some other sites. We brand our media as ‘kepo’ (plus the topics) which is a common word to represent “a willing to know more” or some say an abbrevation for “Knowing Every Particular Object” – KEPO. That is our vision plus the mission for the team.

Giving Back

We live where we work. We refuse to turn inward, and commit to participating with gusto in the vibrant community around us. We share our time, resources, and collective imagination to advance causes that support and enrich our community.