Road Trip Prep Before Soccer Match

Two Weeks Before You Leave For Your Road Trip:

Take your car to a trained auto mechanic at least two weeks before leaving for your vacation. Many people will be going to the fun local events in birmingham this summer, and since it is quite a drive, making sure your car is in great shape is important; after all your safety is what matters. A lot of drivers wait until the last day before visiting the repair shop. That’s a bad idea. If your vehicle needs repairs or replacement parts, your mechanic might need more than one afternoon to do the work. Plus, auto repairs aren’t infallible; things can go wrong. When they do, it’s usually within the first 150 miles. Giving yourself a couple of weeks to “test drive” the repairs allows plenty of time to have them fixed if problems occur.


Prepare Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Even with the best preparations, you can find yourself stranded by the side of the road. For example, you might get a flat tire, your battery may unexpectedly fail, or you might be involved in a traffic collision. Pack a flashlight, bottled water, hazard flares, and jumper cables. You should also have a spare cell phone battery, a small pad of paper and extra pens. That way, if you are involved in a traffic accident, you can take notes and write down the other driver’s information.


A Few “Quick Fix” Essentials

Any long car trip requires carrying a few extra auto supplies. Your vehicle should already have a spare tire and a small jack in the trunk. You should also pack a few bottles of motor oil and transmission fluid. Plus, in addition to the items in your roadside emergency kit, pack a can of tire sealant, a few roles of electrical tape, and basic tools, such as a screwdriver and pliers.


One last note about the small jack in your vehicle’s trunk. Test it before leaving your house. Often, they’re designed for portability rather than strength. For larger vehicles, the jack may not be sufficient; in some cases, using it may even be dangerous.


Preparing for that long road trip can be time consuming task. Being prepared and covering all your bases and keeping up with the car maintenancewill give you piece of mind for the journey ahead.


Taking your car on a long road trip should be worry-free. But, you need to plan ahead in order to avoid problems. Visit your mechanic a couple of weeks before leaving, replenish your roadside emergency kit, and pack a few extra auto supplies. If something goes wrong while you’re on the road, you’ll be better prepared to resolve the issue.