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Guide To VAT Refund In Europe

Visitors to EU countries and tourist. Anyone who does not live permanently in the EU Replica Bags Wholesale can apply for tax refund. There are exceptions in some countries for those who live in the EU, but have a permanent home outside the EU. You are also Wholesale Replica Bags qualified as a visitor if you’re in the EU for a certain time with a replica Purse Replica Handbags specific purpose. And you’re not going to return to the EU cheap replica handbags for a long period of time. replica handbags china Example is exchange students.

Foreign students are allowed to get VAT aaa replica designer handbags back within the last month of their studies. Handbags Replica This depends on the EU country as some might have lower thresholds. But the minimum purchase has been put in place to make sure it’s worth your time to apply for tax refund as there are administration fees involved.

Time limit for Customs Approval

From the replica handbags online moment when the purchase has purse replica handbags been made, the goods need to leave the EU by the end of the third month in order to be eligible for tax refund. Fake Designer Bags Within the three months, you are free to travel to other EU countries and purchase more goods. These goods can be applied for tax refund as well.

How does the VAT refund works? Step by step instructions1. In the store

Ask the SA (shop assistant) KnockOff Handbags whether you can get VAT refund for the goods you buy. Not all shop participates in the tax refund program, so it’s always better to ask first. And some companies might have different process in tax refund.

Other questions you need to ask:

What threshold applies to the purchase to be qualified for tax refund?

How to process the Tax refund? (It’s always better to get a clear picture of what you can expect)

Always ask how the tax refund wholesale replica designer handbags process goes, because sometimes the store will refund the taxes to you but mostly they use a third party.

Ask whether you need to pay Designer Replica Bags administration fee and ask how much the fee is.

2. Show your passport or ID

At the cashier or checkout, the SA will ask you to show your passport or ID. This is a proof that you are visitor or a tourist and live outside the EU.

3. Fill in the tax free form

The SA will give you a form; you will need to fill in the required information. After that, she will fill in her part of the form. The SA might also ask you for your passport to show that you’re leaving EU within the time limit (see above ‘time limit’).

4. Take the required documents

After you’ve paid, make sure you’ve got the required documents to apply for tax refund later.

6. Let the customs stamp your documents

You can find the customs in different locations like at the border crossing or even at train stations. But the most resourceful and popular place is at the airport. Gather your documents and Fake Handbags get it stamped at the customs office. You will usually find one at the airport, if you need help, Replica Bags go ask the service desk. Also know that you need to bring your unused goods, because the custom might ask to verify that you’re going to export the purchases.

7. Collect the tax refund the money

Now your documents high quality replica handbags are stamped by the customs. Next is to turn them in. Usually the designer companies work together with third parties like Global Blue they provide refund services and can usually be found inside the airports. Find their office. Show them your stamped documents and they will refund you the VAT. Replica Handbags You can choose to get refund in cash, credit card, cheque or even Designer Fake Bags Alipay. But our recommendation is cash because it’s simple, fast and you will not get any issues later if something goes wrong. If you choose credit card, it could take a few months like three or so.

The refund will be hand to you in the currency of the country you’re going to leave. If you like to get the cash in your own currency (or other currency), remember that it’s going to be more expensive. Our advice is to exchange the currency in a favorable store; the airport exchange rates Replica Designer Handbags are always higher.