Now we are completely at the mercy of phasing more then we

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moncler outlet We need to test moncler outlet prices this in the future when we have 2 GP Dyes needed, uk moncler sale whether we can get by with 1 GP Dye and moncler online store 1 same family dye and still get +6. I think we tested this before and it doesn work, but might be worth experimenting with. 193 points submitted 1 month ago moncler outlet

moncler jackets cheap At least FFXI had things like skillchains and magic burst and the non constant ability spam / resting for mana that let you chat pretty freely in between. moncler jackets cheap

moncler jacket outlet As a healer in Eurekos I feel like I just stuck in a fight that never moncler sale outlet ends. With high amounts cheap moncler jackets womens of damage and other mechanics that don give me much room to let up. moncler jacket outlet

moncler jackets for women In FFXI you had higher level raises that reduced XP loss. In Eureka you have fates where the boss disappears and you can target your team mates so moncler sale you wander around in AOE death pulses cheap moncler jackets mens just trying best moncler jackets to save them and not die yourself. moncler jackets for women

moncler outlet ny There no level sync or ability moncler outlet store to help your friends either. It cheap moncler jackets just every person for themselves. moncler outlet ny

cheap moncler They took FFXI at it moncler outlet possible worst and just made moncler usa a slow grinding zone that will lose its appeal quickly for even the most hardcore of FFXI players. cheap moncler

Moncler Factory Outlet As someone who loved FFXI I do not cheap moncler coats mens love Eureka. 9 points submitted 1 month ago Moncler Factory Outlet

Official Moncler Outlet I don know if Abyssea is really the best comparison. It more like Dynamis, but with almost no rewards. Dynamis has that same feeling of uk moncler outlet “I just doing the same thing over and over, killing monster killing monster killing monster”, but you got cheap moncler sale the periodic “omg duelist chapeau” moncler uk outlet or whatever. Protean crystals are nice but definitely not the same thing. The point is, even the first tier of moncler outlet online Abyssea had a ton of mechanics inherent to the zone that Eureka so far doesn seem to have. Official Moncler Outlet

discount moncler jackets My point: the problem I see with Eureka is not that the grind is too bad, but that it too linear and simplistic. discount moncler jackets

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moncler jackets men 1 point submitted 10 months ago moncler jackets men

moncler jackets outlet When you have a build up of around 70+ moncler sale online seconds to get to your real burst it feels terrible when discount moncler jackets you have a boss fight that pushes the way Susano does and then LotD gets cut off early moncler outlet sale so you miss at least 1 Nastrond. This isn even the only place that moncler outlet woodbury is an issue, anytime you have ANY transition in a fight you pretty much fucked by either dropping eyes or losing Nastronds. moncler jackets outlet

moncler coats outlet I am fully aware of ways and have executed ways of holding BotD and eyes over a transition but that doesn make the moncler womens jackets job feel fluid the way it used to. Knowing to expend BotD before a transition felt good and that I was in control of my job. Now we are completely at the mercy of phasing more then we ever have been. At least MNK has Tornado Kick to completely purge their stacks into a strong move. Maybe if we had an ability that did something similar like scaling off eyes and BotD / LotD timer it would feel good again moncler coats outlet.