I don like fighting Ori because of tap Sein but that about it

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womens moncler jackets Even when I totally autopilot someone, I take notes of what they doing subconsciously. I will always know if someone has a bad recovery habit, especially if half of the game is them being offstage and eating my hitboxes. In the moncler outlet prices case of moncler usa 2b, I would likely give the advice of considering wavedash back in neutral, going into training mode moncler sale outlet to learn recovery mixups or the cheap moncler coats mens things I mentioned before, which would be rolls from the corner and predictable double jumps/airdodges. womens moncler jackets

moncler outlet online As a Kragg, I really like the moncler outlet woodbury Etalus matchup though. Etalus cheap moncler jackets mens is generally trying to be mobile with dash attacks and moncler sale Kragg tools work very well against that between downB, shards, rock throw and retreating fair. Absa is nice too because you can just flowchart your edgeguards and I moncler outlet sale generally have like a 70% success rate edgeguarding against Absa players that do smart recoveries. Neutral moncler sale online rock throw can completely cancel out high recoveries with upB unless she breaks it, for which you need to be ready to fair immediately after. If you ever take her jump all your B moves bar side B just became godlike. That said, neutral against Absa can be scary sometimes moncler outlet store and an Absa with pinpoint cloud aiming + good walling from the stage feels like I might as well just fall to the blastzone and try again next stock. The only thing is that Kragg can bring Absa to discount moncler jackets the edge of the stage and beyond really easily. moncler outlet online

moncler jackets canada Other matchups elude me, just feel kinda evenish and tend to play out really differently based on playstyle. I don like fighting Ori because of tap Sein but that about it. moncler jackets canada

moncler coats cheap Oh yeah, and the Kragg ditto is 6 4. moncler coats cheap

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moncler jacket outlet To be fair, Kragg can kill cheap moncler jackets womens you at 40% with downB to dair offstage. Zetter can kill you around that percent with weak aerial to dair. Wrastor can kill you off the top early if he does some DI mixups. In general, a lot of cheap moncler sale characters can make your life really hard if you ever get offstage/in disadvantage, making you take tons of percent before you get moncler womens jackets back or just killing you. Elli just has a way to lock you down so the dair is easier to land. If it isn this, there is probably something else uk moncler outlet she can do to guard the stage all moncler uk outlet game by virtue of being a zoner, so I at least uk moncler sale glad this kills you immediately. moncler jacket outlet

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moncler jackets outlet Parrying is pretty common, but quite high risk in the wrong situations. You can commonly parry projectiles such as Zetter fireball pretty cheap moncler jackets easily and some players aren very good best moncler jackets at hiding when moncler outlet online they hit you, so those are generally https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz where you see parries come out. moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet kids The game doesn have typical moncler outlet hard counters, but some matchups are definitely easier than others. As a Kragg player I find that the Kragg vs online matchup is 6 4. Otherwise it not like I autowin a matchup for picking Kragg moncler outlet kids.