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Ever wonder what it’s like to chat with one of the leading forces behind one of the biggest denim brands in the world?  Well, you’re in luck ‘cause we caught up with G-STAR RAW’s Global Brand Director Shubhankar Ray in Miami the other week, and he silled on everything from the brand’s new women’s boutique to an upcoming musical collaboration.StyleCaster: What are some of the best-selling pieces from G-STAR?Shubhankar Ray: Our biggest selling styles are things like the Elwood, which is a cross between a worker pant [and] a motorcycle pant, so it’s evolved into an arc pant which creates a full, 3-dimensional silhouette around the leg, creating a much more modern shape. Also, we’re known for different finishes and treatments and we love raw denim … Some of the key pieces for next season are skinny jeans with a lot of fit improvement for women, so fabric with memory. The thing with stretch [styles] which everybody wears now is that it stretches and never goes back, so we’re developing fabrics that have memory so they go back and have the same fit around the legs as when you bought them.SC: Where does G-Star mainly get its design inspiration?SR: We’re not really influenced by fashion design; we’re influenced by industrial design. So a lot of the time we’ll find beauty and interest in Lapidus buildings, Prouvé furniture … objects in bronze from the ’60s. This sort of inspiration has to do with function coming before form , so you’re trying to make objects or items of clothing that have a long, functional life expectancy. [This] is the opposite of fashion businesses because fashion is opposite, i’s built with obsolescence. People change it every six months. We’re more interested in making seasonless products. If you pick something up from our collection three years ago, you should still be able to wear it today.SC: How does this inspiration trickle down to the brand’s retail presence?SR: One of the things we’re beginning to work on now is a totally new women’s denim experience. We opened up our first women’s only store to try to develop a boutique experience for women, and to also have a common sense of how women come to shop—which is totally different from how men come to shop. Because we’re a men’s brand, we come from masculine territory.We built in a boudoir into the shop [with] 360-degree mirrors, and you can take a look around and none of the other customers can see you. It’s a very sort of high-end dressing experience for a mass-market product, so this is about the elevation of denim and denim is universal because everybody wears it. It cuts through age, sex, gender, sexuality, culture language.SC: The store sounds amazing—how many are there?SR: We opened the first one in Amsterdam two months ago and we hope to open more in a few key cities around the world.SC: Does G-STAR have celebrity muses ?SR: Yeah, we’ve been working with Liv Tyler because we felt she reflects a woman that’s self-confident and controlled, but elegant. And we started with Liv because she reflected the forbidden combination – she has rock ‘n roll blood going through her veins but is this beautiful, Hollywood sort-of princess. We also worked with Gemma Arterton, the English actress. We like Gemma because she was in “Bond” films and big Hollywood blockbusters, and at the same time replica hermes handbags , doing theater in London. Then we worked with Clémence Poésy, the French actress.SC: Are you looking into any new collaborations?SR: Yeah, I think we’re going to be doing more industrial product crossovers. You have to wait to see what it is; otherwise I’ll give the surprise away. And we’ve been working with many people, from Dennis Hopper doing poetry at our show, to Anton Corbijn shooting our campaigns to various musicians, so I think there might be a musician coming. A very modern musician—a digital native.





Shubhankar Ray

G-Star Raw’s Global Brand Director Spills On New All-Women Boutique, Celebrity Muses, More

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