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Kate Moss Talks Her New Jewelry Designer Replica Bags Collaboration With Ara Vartanian

If you've always dreamt about raiding Kate Moss's jewelry box, now is your chance. cheap replica handbags The supermodel has Fake Handbags collaborated with Brazilian jeweler Ara Vartanian on a new jewelry KnockOff Handbags collection, available Wednesday, May 17th. Inspired by old English legends and the mystic, the pieces incorporate Replica Bags Wholesale iconic symbols, such as swords reminiscent of St George, Patron Saint of England, who mythically slayed a dragon Replica Bags to save a replica Purse Pagan town, aaa replica designer handbags crafted in 18 karat gold and set with rich stones including amethyst, citrine, garnet, and green goldstone. What's more, photographer Fenton Bailey shot four faces from the Kate Moss Agency—Elfie Reigate, Luka Isaac, Louis Baines and Anna-Lea Gardner—at the model's home for the campaign imagery and video. Here, Moss talks the inspiration behind the pieces, which will be available at the Ara Vartanian Flagship store in Mayfair, as well as Harvey Nichols and, and shooting with her models.How did this collection come about?Ara was wearing a pendant and he wholesale replica designer handbags explained to me that it was an amulet which brings good energy. I told him I replica handbags china loved it and he gave it to me there and then, Replica Designer Handbags and ended up having to make another one for himself—I felt so terrible! I said I wanted to make pieces Replica Handbags like that: pieces that you can wear every day that mean something and make you feel special.When did you first meet Ara?I fell in love with one of purse replica handbags his rings when I was in Brazil and they didn’t have my size, so I went to Wholesale Replica Bags Ara’s studio and met him there. We’ve since become really good friends. I’m even godmother to his daughter.What about his designs made you want to collaborate on a collection together?Ara is so talented, it’s so clever how he designs these extravagant jewels but makes them in such a modern way—you don’t end up looking like an Designer Fake Bags old lady with big diamonds, you can actually wear them and look cool. I wanted to collaborate so that everyone will know about Ara, and so that they will go to his store and see all of his other amazing things. But I’ve told him he must always keep pieces aside high quality replica handbags for me.What was the inspiration behind the designs?It all started because of Ara’s pendant which I loved. He said it was a talisman, to protect you against danger. We wanted to design other pieces like that, which have good energy.You shot the campaign with models from your agency—how did it go?We had Fake Designer Bags such a good day, it was the first time they’d all been together and they all got on so well and replica handbags online looked great High Quality Replica Handbags together.What are your own Handbags Replica most-prized piece of jewelry?I have so many, from antique pieces through to contemporary designs like Ara’s. I once tried an emerald and diamond bracelet of his and couldn’t leave the store without it, so that’s definitely one of my favorites. Photographers “Always Ask” Kate Moss to Take Her Clothes Off.