Taking part in this experiment and being able to physically

Ballantine’s presents Ben Mead’s “Art of Drumming”

Makers of fine Scotch moncler outlet store whisky, Ballantine’s, have teamed up with London-based drummer Ben Mead moncler sale outlet to moncler mens jackets create an experimental film that literally visualizes the true shape of sound in “The Art of Drumming.” After his turn in the recent TV cheap moncler outlet commercial “The Drummer,” created to bring to life Ballantine’s global “Stay True, Leave cheap moncler coats An Impression” campaign, this film follows Mead as he moncler outlet discusses his life story, philosophy, and approach to creativity and music, before ending with him playing the drums with LED ‘light trails’ on his drumsticks. Inspired by ‘light painting’ often seen in stills photography, the project was possible with the development of new technology that allowed for all effects to be done in-camera, capturing on film the intensity, passion and artistry moncler outlet sale which drives musicians and artists like him. He explains:Drumming, rhythm and creativity is something I’ve always been passionate about. I think creativity in monlcer down jackets music is not only something you hear or something you feel, but it’s also something you see. Taking part in this experiment and being able to physically see moncler sale the way that I see drumming in my own head was so rewarding moncler shoes .Following on from freestyle skateboarder Killian Martin’s “Carmen” film, in which he fused his cheap moncler sale skating with a reinterpretation of Bizet’s classic opera cheap moncler jackets “Carmen,” both films are part of an extended series based on Ballantine’s global “Stay True” campaign. Featuring artists, creators and innovators from around the globe, the series honors conviction, buy moncler jackets self-belief and authenticity monclerdownjacket . Each film will be available to view on moncler outlet online the standalone site staytruestories.com, with multiple other projects currently underway across three continents cheap moncler.