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cheap Canada Goose Edit: She was using the most Canada Goose sale recent one to breed. She claims that he nipped at the vet, so she had him put down. No one believes her for a second and she probably did it so she could breed a different breed of dogs and not have one lounging around not making her any money. She already has a new one. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose She once scheduled a dog to be put down and the vet refused because it had an extremely treatable illness. She kept that dog for several more years treating it like a burden, then, when it got sick again, jumped at Canada Goose Jackets the chance to be rid canada goose store of it. canada goose

Canada Goose Parka It was late morning/early afternoon one day and we received a call for assistance. I do not recall the nature of the issue itself, but it was non life threatening. We responded to Canada Goose Outlet what is normally an upper middle class neighborhood with nice size canada goose clearance sale family homes. As we arrive at the address, I knew it was going to be an issue from the get go. This address appeared to be abandoned from the uk canada goose outlet exterior. The outside of the house was in okay shape, but it didn appear as though any sort of maintenance had been performed in years. Grass as high as the Serengeti, fallen tree limbs littering the front cheap canada goose uk yard, overgrown bushes, etc. The bushes closest to the front door were so overgrown that it was inaccessible. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale We decided to go to the back door instead. To get to the back Canada Goose Parka of the house we had to walk down the driveway in a crouched position because the trees buy canada goose jacket cheap were so overgrown it was impossible to stand straight. The back yard was fenced in, so we opened the back gate and made it to the back door. By this time, our city fire department also arrived to assist us, as is common on most medical calls. The back door was heavily crowded by an overgrown Canada Goose online tree as well, but canada goose coats not to the point where we could not gain access. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose store We knocked several times, but nobody came. We confirmed with communications that this was the correct address before we entered. The back door was unlocked so we opened it and announcemed our presence. Moments after opening the door, it canada goose uk outlet became evident that we were in over our heads. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale The back door opened up to what I imagine was the living room in front of us and Canada Goose Coats On Sale the kitchen to the left. There was an unforgettable odor of mold, stale garbage, urine, and feces. It was quickly apparent why this was the case. There was no floor visible. The entire floor of the canada goose coats on sale house was covered in at canada goose clearance least one foot of trash, literal trash. Empty chip bags, crumpled paper, discarded, rotten food waste, old torn magazines, you name it. The trash had become the new floor. The fireplace in the living room was filled with ash to the point canada goose factory sale that there was a pile of it spilling out several feet onto the floor of trash. Years of fires having never been cleaned out. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Sitting in the middle of it all, covered in trash like a blanket covering his legs was our patient. Probably mid 30s, early 40s. Morbidly obese, over 600 pounds, nude. He reports that he had fallen over a week earlier and was just buy canada goose jacket unable to get back up. When asked how he had been sustaining himself, he said people from his CHURCH came by several times a week to bring uk canada goose him food and drinks. Yet despite this, it took until now for somebody to let us know. They would come give him the food and leave. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket The conditions inside canada goose uk black friday the house were worse than I can describe. It was so bad, we had to all wear Hepa Masks and the fire department wore their SCBA for safety. It was so dirty, dank, and musty that the air itself was deemed harmful to even breathe. Bare in mind that he has been in that spot on the floor for over a week now buried in years worth of trash. That spot had been his bed and bathroom. He urinated on himself and defecated on himself for over a week in that same spot. It was summer time in the south and he had no AC. The effort to get the patient out of the house and to the canada goose uk shop hospital is another story on it own, but I will mention that it involved the fire department having to cut trees down just to canada goose get him to the ambulance. canadian goose jacket

canada canada goose jacket womens goose deals One of the police officers that was also there reported that all the toilets we overflowed and that the bathtub was filled with water so stagnant it had turned green and had mosquito larve living in it. I found out that a few hours after we had transported the patient, the city actually came in and condemned the property it was so bad. The dude was really nice too. He had lived there for years, but was unable to keep it up, but too proud to ask Canada Goose Online for help. So instead he lived in utter canadian goose jacket squallor worse than any crack house I had ever been in. I think about that guy regularly, wondering where he is today and if he ever made any improvements to his situation. canada goose deals

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canada goose coats I love Waffle House (a small open kitchen breakfast restaurant chain predominantly in the Southeastern United States). Most locations have old style jukeboxes. On these jukeboxes they have a cheap Canada Goose range of popular songs, but they also have a whole album canada goose black friday sale of waffle house related songs that are supposed to be funny I guess. Whenever I am out of town at a Waffle House, I put in a few bucks and queue up the song “raisins in my toast” about 10 times right before I leave canada goose coats.