” Replica Bags Wholesale Sgro and Ryan Bennett opened

year anniversary in Barberton

CLEVELAND, Ohio Jay Graham likes to keep people guessing.

The cop turned brewer runs Magic City Brewing Co., the first craft brewery in Barberton. He had enough of the civil service life patrolling Cleveland and returned to his hometown and with no prior commercial brewing replica Purse experience opened Magic City Brewing Co. with co owners Erica Graham, his wife; Brian Burmeister, and Becca Petroff, his cousin.

7a replica bags wholesale If there is one thing about Graham, he’s a straight shooter. And if you think you’ll just get a few typical, unimaginative styles in this brewery, well, guess again. 7a replica bags wholesale

cheap designer bags replica As the brewery approaches its one year anniversary it opened July 6, 2017 Graham muses what to brew. Maybe a barrel aged version of his Peanut Butter Wholesale Replica Bags Chocolate Coffee Stout? How ’bout an Imperial Sour with vanilla and coconut? cheap designer bags replica

Graham is serious about his Designer Fake Bags beer.

He was a little less serious when it came to the brewery’s logo, a slightly demonic looking and very focused rabbit.

It dates to one Fake Designer Bags night when he was talking to Burmeister, a graphic artist.

“What do you want for a aaa Goyard Replica Handbag replica designer handbags logo?” Burmeister Fake Handbags asked.

high replica bags Graham after a beer or two, he admits blurted “A bunny. Ten minutes later he had wholesale replica designer handbags the first rendition.” high replica bags

He finds it funny. “I’m a big guy covered in tattoos, and I’m a big metal head,” said Graham, 34, wearing a brewery t shirt whose back side proclaims: “Born, bred brewed in Barberton, Ohio.”

aaa replica bags The logo also is a bit reminiscent of the classic magic trick “like pulling a bunny out of the hat” and appropriate because of Barberton’s slogan. (The city was dubbed ‘The Magic City’ after its 19th century growth spurt.) aaa replica bags

He considered other locations like Portage Lakes but the pull to his hometown was strong.

“This is where we landed, this is home,” Graham said.

Imagination and attitude have driven him since he began home brewing. He didn’t start because of a passion or from being a connoisseur. He started because of a dare.

good quality replica bags “I was 20 years old, and two buddies told me I couldn’t do it,” he said. good quality replica bags

designer replica luggage He took the challenge. He made what he remembers were a Cream Ale and Pale Ale. His first dates with his now wife were at Great Lakes Brewing Co. Replica Designer Handbags His interest in brewing grew. designer replica luggage

Time went by, and replica handbags china Magic City opened on cheap replica handbags a one barrel system before shifting to a three barrel.

“I feel like I did it kind of smart,” he said about easing into the process.

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He credits the support of those around him, and it hasn’t been perfectly smooth. Local bureaucratic challenges cropped up, but Graham a guy who had never Handbags Replica owned a business dealt with it.

“People helped out,” he said. “It’s been a work in progress.”

He respects brewing, seeing the good in a community that can come from it. From his time in Cleveland he remembers dead areas becoming revitalized, in part from breweries.

replica designer bags wholesale “Years ago, you didn’t go to Battery Park. You did not go there,” he said. “Now, Ralph (Sgro) is making great beer.” Replica Bags Wholesale Sgro and Ryan Bennett opened Terrestrial Brewing Co. in 2017. replica designer bags wholesale

The communal nature that goes hand in hand with the growth of breweries helps the industry, too. Magic City is part of the Summit Brew Path.

best replica bags online “Your casual craft beer drinker isn’t going to want to come down here and spend the day,” he said. Now, with Ignite Brewing Co. and Wadsworth Brewing nearby, that’s changed. People can hit several in one swing. best replica bags online

The old fashioned thing that hasn’t changed for Graham is communication.

replica designer backpacks “We don’t have Replica Bags wi fi,” he said. “I’d rather you talk to the person next Designer Replica Bags to you. At least once a week I get a guy asking ‘Can I have the wi fi password?’ ‘Yeah, it’s talk to your wife she’s sitting next to you.’ ” replica designer backpacks

A dozen beers are on tap, Replica Handbags and crowlers no growler fills are available.

His DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give A .”) India Pale Ale is a tasty staple, its balanced Citra hops yielding a bright flavor, but it’s not an over the top screamer smacking you KnockOff Handbags in the face. A delicious Coffee Blonde made with Pearl Coffee Co. from Akron is purse replica handbags available. And he’s making a quaffable Gose with tangerine, pineapple and mango, perfect for summer sipping. The style is a bit salty, and his has just a hint of sweetness.