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Most people will use landmarks but also even before streets being named, a lot of intersections were named and also canada goose black friday sale major thoroughfares were named. So major buy canada goose jacket cheap intersections that way, and major streets have a uk canada goose lot of directional signs that indicate landmarks. So it like this:

cheap Canada Goose From x dae ro (literal transition: large road) cheap Canada Goose

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Canada Goose online about 200m down, there a 7/11, turn right there and the you see the canada goose destination. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale First, there the city name, then there is a “district” if you will that the city is divided in to. Kind of like boroughs, but smaller. Then there is canada goose coats on sale a “neighborhood”. Then, either there were numbers, or because so much canada goose uk black friday of Korea live in apartments, apartment complex name, bldg number, unit number. So let say you lived in Stuytown for the sake Canada Goose Outlet of conversation. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap it be Canada Goose sale like “New York, New York City, Manhattan, East Village, Stuytown Apts, bldg 1, unit 31.” Canada Goose Parka or something like that. Also, zip codes were more broken down, kind of like the second 4 digits in our zip codes, but actually commonly used. (Korean format: abc xyz) buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance sale For non apartments, they were more vague because they were just numbered, like Canada Goose online a number for the area, dash, number of house. A lot of buildings also were named and registered as address. Thus, if you cross an avenue you’re moving east/west and if you Canada Goose Jackets cross a street you’re moving north/south. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale Looking like a proper crazy, I often turn to align myself with north facing towards/away from canada goose clearance sale traffic on the avenue. If you’re on the north side, the cross street will be behind you; Canada Goose Online if you’re on the south side, the cross street is in front of you. Then right is east (ave numbers smaller), west is left (aves bigger), uptown is ahead and downtown is behind. Once you orient yourself, turn as necessary to proceed (hence looking crazy). canada goose coats on sale

For once you at the exit cheap canada goose uk they are almost all marked NW/NE/SW/SE corner. You get out in the direction you need to walk (or one of them), and then know that Aves go N/S, Streets go E/W.

canada goose ie: get out canada goose jacket uk outlet NW corner, need to walk North? walk along the Ave, need to go E? Cross the ave, walk on the St. canada goose

Obviously, this all falls apart if you not in one of the neat areas (ie: not the middle of Manhattan), or if your destination cheap Canada Goose is in between the exits. Then you have to rely canada goose factory sale on sun position (not always useful), your phone GPS (not always useful), or knowing the next st you need to walk to from the one you on (ie: plan ahead).