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cheap jordans for sale Rather than re write a whole new blog entry, I just cut and paste a story I just sent to the Post online people, where it will run on our regular site.Forsberg will be on hand to attend Thursday’s season opener against the San Jose Sharks, and pay tribute to longtime former teammate Joe Sakic, who will have his number retired before the game.”He has meant so much to me cheap jordans for sale , that I feel I must be there,” Forsberg told Swedish reporters.Forsberg’s health also made news Monday, when he revealed he has a stress fracture in his right foot.Despite that setback, he played for MODO Monday in their Swedish League game against HV71, scoring its only goal in a 3 1 loss.”I can hardly walk, but it feels OK when I skate,” Forsberg said. “I going to let this stress fracture heal, but I am not sure cheap jordans 11 that I am ready for the NHL yet. We will see cheap kids jordans cheap jordans for sale.