Morning the deer were waiting for Mark to come outside and put

Now the house is almost empty, devoid of furniture except for a couch, a table and the bed wedged between them in the basement, where Mr. Shoy sleeps these days, alone. Two months ago, his wife and children Eduardo Jr., 22, and Leslie, 19 moved to Pennsylvania, where Leslie plans to enter college next year (with the help of financial aid) and where Eduardo Jr.

Comments: Here’s a fundraiser that won’t gut you financially it’s only five bucks to see the Infringement Festival’s new poster unveiled, hear music from FolkFaces, Second Trip and Soul Butchers, as well as witness the Buffalo Burlesque Collective. Here’s what BuffaBLOG has written about FolkFaces: “Walking a more roots driven line down the broad paths of bluegrass, jazz, ragtime, and more, the folks of FolkFaces tout an array of instrumental talent. On Saturday.

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