They also have a huge collection of decrepit prams

What To Do If Your Neighbours Are Bogans

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realise bogans have moved in next door. They won’t shut up, clean up or leave you alone.

But there are a few things you can do to canada goose uk black friday make your life easier (and theirs harder) without resorting to setting their house alight or hiring a gang of bikies to deal with them.

Sorting out issues with bogans can involve a minefield of disturbance if you follow the usual protocol of talking canada goose to them or interacting with them in any other way but anonymously. Your presence is best unnoticed by canada goose uk outlet them for your own peace of mind.

What Is A Bogan?A bogan is a person with a lack of manners, respect and education. The word “bogan” is derogatory Australian slang in the USA, bogans are cheap Canada Goose like hillbillies.

Bogans are usually low grade socio economic people who are lazy, unsophisticated idiots.

They aren’t interested in improving themselves and can be Canada Goose Outlet irritating nuisance neighbours. Some people think they should be transported to the local tip so they can live their lives in surroundings that are more appropriate to their needs.

Are Your Neighbours Bogans?Here are a few of the telltale canada goose uk shop signs:

There is an old caravan/tent/shipping container or other structure in their backyard and someone appears to be living in it.

You hear loud domestic arguments involving yelling and screaming.

There is a lot of rubbish Canada Goose Coats On Sale and/or hoarding of junk, and the place could be more accurately buy canada goose jacket cheap defined as a settlement instead of a house.

They like to Canada Goose online own big hairy yapping or barking dogs, which either keep you awake at nights from the noise or escape the settlement and terrorise the neighbourhood regularly.

They may have crying babies who never seem to stop crying. They also have a huge collection of decrepit prams.

They may have screaming children who kick fences, stay up very late or like to Canada Goose Jackets spy on you and who seem to play on disgusting, broken down play equipment.

They have moody teenagers with noisy cars that never move off the lawn. Or they’re into motorbikes that they like to run at 1am.

You can hear them constantly throwing tinnies and spirit bottles into their bins.

They love to hold loud parties and BBQs late at night, which involve lots of yelling, shouting, loud cheap canada goose uk music, dogs barking, bonfires, motorbikes and more tinnies being thrown into bins.

Bogans provide the right conditions for breeding plagues of vermin, which start invading your property after a few months.

If they mow the lawn, it isn’t very often.

The canada goose clearance sale Bogan PersonalityBogans think they are poverty stricken, and they ARE, because they spend all their money on cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, loud parties, keeping large dogs and building half finished renovation structures.

They often have big construction and renovation plans that never get completed, and these are allowed to remain in an untidy heap or half finished (usually without council approval) as an eyesore to remind uk canada goose them that they’ll get round to finishing it one day. That day will never come.

Bogans always seem to be having a rough life and the reason for this is their disorganisation. You can be sure that if their house or yard is a mess uk canada goose outlet that they are also dealing with overdue canadian goose jacket bills, accidents that could’ve been avoided, intermittent employment issues, parking and speeding fines, unwanted pregnancies, drug problems, domestic violence and so on. In other words, Canada Goose Parka all the things you don’t want in your life.

These people have a chip on their shoulder and are fiercely protective of their beliefs, particularly if buy canada goose jacket they are unreasonable or ridiculous beliefs that they’ve hung on to for far too many years.

Anyone who interrupts their daydreams or questions their lifestyle can expect an Canada Goose sale over the top retribution, which may range from graffiti and damage to your property, to poisoned pets, violence threatened against you and canada goose coats rubbish thrown over your fence.

What Councils RecommendWhen you phone your local council to complain about the barking dogs/the mess/the illegal structures/the noise etc, your council will probably advise you to go and have a little chat with these people, in a friendly, neighbourly type of way.

What the council doesn’t understand is that these people are angry and unreasonable idiots, usually with mental problems and that their first reaction is to get canada goose clearance angry and retaliate, should anyone try to talk to them.

The council canada goose factory sale assumes that Canada Goose Online they will listen canada goose store and reason with you, which is a big mistake. They won’t. Otherwise they would have paid attention to the hundreds of other people before you, who have no doubt also tried to assist cheap Canada Goose Parkas them in seeing the canada goose coats on sale error of their ways.

Making ContactIt is not advisable to approach bogans directly, for two reasons.

Firstly, bogans already have a chip on their shoulder, so they think you are part of the wider world which has it in for them. If you reach out, you will be the one they remember when they feel angry about the neighbourhood because you were canada goose black friday sale the silly one who introduced yourself when everyone else laid low.

Secondly, bogans are fiercely protective of their perceived “rights”. Anyone who questions these can expect a raging argument, followed by unsavoury behaviour or clan wars towards you that can carry on for months or even years.